10 Effective Tips About Skin Care

Vira has been my friend since university times, having so many things in common Facebook’s helped us keep in touch, encourage each other when the bad days hit badly and have those crazy ideas exchanges when extra motivation is needed to keep going. Her passion for beauty products is so strong that once reading her blog you will definitely want to try the products she mentions. Today she is sharing with us her 10 effective tips of skincare.

  1. Total refusal from products with cheap and harmful ingredients in the list, especially when they take the first place. I gravitate towards only organic skincare products with zero parabens, sulphates etc. When gradually replacing some popular brands with smaller organic and vegan ones, I have noticed a huge difference in the appearance of my skin. Now it looks brighter, cleaner, smoother and the allergic reactions reduced in 80%.
  2. Professional skincare procedures. If your skin suffers from extremely severe acne, psoriasis, allergic reactions etc., this is the case when you need a really good dermatologist or cosmetologist. From my personal experience I assure you that a highly qualified professional will cure your skin in the best possible way.
  3. I always deep cleanse my skin every morning and evening. Morning cleansing procedures restore my skin balance, removing the residue of the skin metabolic activity from a night before. In the evening I take of the mantle, consisting of the layers of foundation, primer, powder, bronzer, highlighter and finishing spray, so that my skin is able to breath deep and relax.
  4. Facemasks is the key! They work for a certain 100% good for all  skin types. Surely, it is important to pay attention to the list of ingredients in the back side of a packaging. It is extremely preferable if they are natural.
  5. Peeling as a procedure from autumn till spring. Of course, there is plenty of types of peeling and the best one is to be chosen by your dermatologist.
  6. Sunscreen. I always protect my skin from harmful environment. Though I do not use a separate SPF product, almost all my foundations contain it in a sufficient amount.
  7. I try not to tan my face on purpose, because I am aware of a huge harm the sun brings to skin. Besides, my face always gets red and funny. Instead of this I use some good bronzers to give my skin some warmth and glow.
  8. Natural oils and extracts as an important step towards perfect skin. Organic oils are able to nourish and balance any skin type and I love it. When applying some good cream, I often add a few drops of oil composition and gently massage it into my skin, following the lines.
  9. Disposable towels. After washing my face, I always use only disposable paper towels. In this case the bacteria from the previous use are not able to grow, unlike the situation with some standard towels.
  10. Facebuilding or Face Yoga is a huge deal. When you to some face exercises correctly and with the help of a trainer, you are able to maintain the skin in good conditions.

Skincare is not a boring thing at all. It is a continuous and fascinating work that impacts your future. Be a painter of your life and let your loving thoughts serve as a beautiful canvas.

The post prepared by Vira Koshlata. You can watch her videos here.

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