10 Tips for Sourdough Beginners

Tips for getting better results while working with sourdough

  1. Dealing with sourdough bread when only 4 ingredients are used, make sure you are using the best flour you can get. Flour is everything! One brand of flour can handle wet dough, while the other can fail completely. Adjust your recipe to the flour you use.
  2. Sieve your flour! When the flour is oxygenated, it allows for better gluten development and the gluten can trap more air in the loaf. In the sifted loaf 10-15% more volume
  3. Don’t be greedy with add ins, add 20% from the weight of bread
  4. Happy starter better baking. Keeping your starter is not a difficult thing, observe how much time your starter rises and when it falls and build your own schedule for feeding it. Active bubble starter will definitely produce a better loaf
  5. You control the dough not around. It is important to understand that even the best recipe is only the direction and your ingredients, skills and environment can bring the best results
  6. No steam, bad oven spring and as a result flat loaf.
  7. If you have a regular home oven, heating it well is very important. I heat my oven around 1 hour before placing the loaf, but will try to keep it heated it even more
  8. Underproofed or overproofed loaf is a matter of time. Catching the dough at its best time to be baked is the skill which will come with some experience.
  9. Use a scale for achieving consistency
  10. If you have just started baking, don’t compare your loaves to any Instagram glorious loaves! Don’t torture yourself why your first loaf was too dense or too flat, it is a matter of experience and patience. Being patience and persistent will be rewarded sooner or later

Essential equipment for baking a sourdough loaf

    • A glass jar for keeping your starter
    • Scale
    • Lodge Combo Cooker is what I personally use. Deciding between a Dutch oven and an iron cast my choice fell on the second one because of the price and it works absolutely fine .

    • Bench knife for cutting and lifting dough

  • Bread basket for proofing is not a must but the whole process will be much easier if you have it
  • Bulk container with clear sides to observe the rise of dough
  • A big bowl for mixing dough
  • Lame for scoring your bread (I use simple razor for scoring. You can make your own lame a pack of razors and a coffee stirrer)

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